2015-16 Stage 9 $50 Student Rebate Incentive


in association with

Queensland Parachute Association,


Queensland Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing

2015-16 Participation Initiative

$50 Stage 9 Student Rebate extended in 2015

If you are a skydiving student, and complete Stage Nine of the Accelerated Freefall Training or Static Line Table at any NQPC or SQPC Training Drop Zone in 2015, we will refund you $50 for completing your training jumps.

Rebate application forms are available on-line at participating local councils:

2015 Stage 9 $50 Student Rebate

North Queensland Parachute Council: www.nqpc.asn.au.
South Queensland Parachute Council: www.sqpc.org.au

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