Elite Athlete Funding


NQPC Performance Based Funding Guidelines For Participation In all Events

Any Athlete endorsed by the APF and NQPC will be provided with the basic level of funding dependant on amount allocated in the budget each year and number of participants claiming.

Claims must be submitted to NQPC management committee at the end of year General meeting and will be valid or the following years funding.

Proposal for 2014:

Level 1: Team or individual who have been in training for over 2 years at competition level and are training for National event and a place on the Australian team. $1000 per individual per year. Paid after Nationals and on top of Nationals funding.

Level 2:  North Queensland, Australian Team member participating at World Competition. One event per year. $4000 per team, $1000 per individual.
Level 3: (for serious medal contenders) NQ Australian Team member placing in top 12 of world rankings in any individual event or Top 6 in any Team event. $2000 cash bonus per individual paid after event.

Performance Based Funding is to be utilised for training jumps, coaching fees (including coach travel expense), travel expenses and tunnel training only.

Note: the Management Committee is to determine the percentage of funding allocated to each level depending on the medal chances of any teams. For example, in a year when Australia produced a strong medal chance, more funding would be diverted to the team involved.

Likely participants and anticipated expenditure for 2014:

Ary Monkies : 4 way open Formation Skydiving Team.         Won 2011 Nationals in Intermediate 4 way.  Funding: $4000

Arizona Ayrchicks: All female open formation skydiving team. Won 2012 Nationals in Intermediate 4 way. Funding $4000

Andy Woolf: Canopy Piloting and ranking 12 in the world at present. Competed in 3 overseas events 2013 placing 12th twice and 5th once. Current Australian distance record holder.                                                                                     Funding $4000

There would be the possibility that should one of these teams compete at the world championships then a further $9000 to spend.

Moved that up t0 $20,000 be available to fund this initiative for $2014 and that the funds be drawn from the Team Investment fund.

As of Oct 2013 presently sitting at $125,000 in the Managed account.

J Goss