Funding Applications

Funding Applications

Last updated, May 2024.

Make sure to refer to our funding guidelines here.

See below a few steps to help you with the process of organising an event with the NQPC funding assistance:

***** Please note: no money will be paid without a proper tax invoice or invoice with ABN!!!! *****

Click on the links below to access the form you are after. 

NQPC Members Funding 

NQPC Event / Coaching Application / Step 1 (planning the event)

[Budget spreadsheet template available here]

NQPC Event / Coaching Acquittals / Step 2 (after event)

APF Sport Development Funding

Many thanks to NQPC, QPA and APF. 


If you require an AAD to borrow while yours is away for a service, fill out the following form. Make sure you talk to your packer so they can make sure one is available at the time of your request.

NQPC Equipment Lending Agreement

Queensland Government

The Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing 2017-2019 State Development Programme are once again assisting with funding Sports Parachuting in Queensland for the years 2017-2019.

We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support.

Queensland Parachute Association 

The State body for sport parachuting in Queensland, which administers and represents the interests of sport parachuting and its members at state level. It is an administrative organisation which was set up in 1992.

It is committed to :

Go check it out here !!