Funding Guidelines



  1. All funding must be approved by MC.
  2. You must have resided in NQ during the past 12 months
  3. You must be a member of NQPC Club for the past 12 months
  4. You must plan to return to NQ after the event.
  5. You must apply for funding through QPA website following appropriate tab within NQPC section.
  6. All travel funding is to the equivalent of a reasonably priced ticket for the travel period.
  7. Candidates must provide the NQ secretary with tax invoice of their ticket or travel expenses.
  8. Funding is paid after the event upon google forms and accountability
  9. Funding required prior must be approved by MC



1.1 First Aid Courses:

Refund up to of $100 for any NQPC Instructor / Member (highly involved in the industry (GCA, LDO, etc..)) who completes a recognised First Aid Course.

1.2 Stage 9 rebates:

All Students completing their Stage 9 will be funded $100. Applicants need to directly apply through QPA NQPC Portal Student Stage 9 funding form.

1.3 Novice Events:

All Novice events are partly funded by QPA to a yearly budget.

1.4 B Licence rebates:

All Novices completing their B Licence will be funded $100. Applicants need to directly apply through QPA NQPC Portal Members funding form or on NQPC website and tick the right category at the start of the form.

2. BRELS BOOST FUNDING (Trial from July 2019)

2.1 Brel Rebates after Stage 4 completed :

All novices completing their first 4 B-Rels (up to Stage 4) will be reimbursed $200. Applicants need to directly apply through QPA NQPC Portal Members funding form or on NQPC website and tick the right category.

2.2 Brel Rebates after Stage 6 completed :

All novices completing their Brel Table (all 4-ways signed off) will be reimbursed $200. Applicants need to directly apply through QPA NQPC Portal Members funding form or on NQPC Website and tick the right category.

2.3 B Licence Bonus :

In addition of the rebates mentioned above (also see Section above 1.4, QPA Incentives.), the MC is considering a B Licence Bonus that would go towards Gear Hire cost. Starting this new Rebate scheme, MC decided to leave that Bonus amount blank as it is subject to our yearly budget. This way we can guarantee sustainability and fairness across all novices and members.


3.1 Tech Conference:

All NQPC members are funded up to 3 night’s accommodation, travel and conference fees in attending the conference. Any unused funds will then be allocated on a percentage basis and divided amongst members to subside travel expenses. QPA participates also to those funds.

3.2 NQPC Meetings:

NQPC might fund Office bearers to getting to meetings at the discretion of MC. Travel receipts must be presented and amount paid out will be to the agreed amount relevant to what was claimed.

3.3 Office Equipment Maintenance Fee:

Funding provided of $100 a year for each Management Committee Member for miscellaneous office expenses.


4.1 Rigger Courses :

NQPC fund approved applicants a max amount of up to $1000 to attend and attain a Rigger rating if they then return to North Queensland at the discretion of MC.

4.2 Instructor AFF and other endorsement :

Application needs to be submitted within a month of finishing the course. AFF Endorsement will be supported up to $1000 depending on budget of the year. Any other endorsement (Tandem, Dzso, Coach Rating) up to $500. QPA participates also to those funds.

4.3 GCA Appointments :

For non-APF members, each Club or/and LDO can be reimbursed one full membership for GCA a year. Please note NQPC will only cover early bird amount for membership, so $180.

4.4 Judging Certificate :

For judges in training or fully trained, the MC is happy to help out on extra expenses that would not be covered by APF.


5.1 General

  1. Funding amount will be determined by MC
  2. Funding will be paid after the event unless otherwise approved.
  3. No funding will be paid without full accountability and report on NQPC funding application form
  4. All clubs must submit an APF level one or two application. Applications for less than $500, MAY be approved without Level one approval
  5. Event funding will support Camera Slots, Tutor expenses, a/c ferry, media manager/videographer if needed and organizers fee

5.2 Funding allocations North QLD wide.

  1. B-rel / Starcrest events, 4 per year at each NQ training organisation.
  2. Canopy Schools.
  3. Specialized events of the clubs choice such as Wingsuit, Freefly, Angles, Demos, FS, CRW etc.
  4. All funding applications need to come through QPA website forms for viewing by the MC which 3 standing members have to approve.
  5. Organizer will be paid prior to event and is responsible for acquittals forms and sustainability of the event.


6.1 Nationals:

Applicants must have met the following requirements:

  1. Must have competed at the QLD State Championship if any or previous year’s National Championships, or provide receipts of proof of training to be assessed / reviewed by the Management Committee if first year of attending Nationals.
  2. Must return to NQ and be actively involved with sport parachuting activities in NQ.
  3. Application must be received by NQPC secretary through QPA website within one month of National event with receipts
  4. Nationals funding will be per budget and split between those attending.
  5. Payments will not be made until after all National events are completed.

6.2 Record Attempts and Participation incentives

NQPC will fund Members at the discretion of MC on pre-approval (form to be filled up on QPA website - NQPC Portal Member Funding Form) to cover travel expenses for any member wishing to participate in a recognized intrastate record development event in Australia or overseas.

6.3 Elite funding for Competitors

The Management Committee is to determine the percentage of funding allocated to each level depending on the medal chances of any teams. For example, in a year when Australia produced a strong medal chance, more funding would be diverted to the team involved. Also Elite funding might be allocated to Specialised NQPC members to enhance their individual skills at a national or International level for the betterment of the sport.

LEVEL 1 National

Team or individual who have been in training for over 2 years at competition level and are training for National event and a place on the Australian team. Paid up to $1000 per individual per year. Paid after Nationals and on top of Nationals funding.

LEVEL 2 (International Level Competition)

North Queensland, Australian Team member participating at World Competition. One event per year. Paid up to $4000 per team, $1000 per individual.

LEVEL 3 (for serious medal contenders)

NQ Australian Team member placing in top 12 of world rankings in any individual event or Top 6 in any Team event. Paid up to $2000 cash bonus per individual paid after event. Performance Based Funding is to be utilized for training jumps, coaching fees (including coach travel expense), travel expenses and tunnel training.